FIT for CARE presents Pablo Ráez Martínez, Ambassador of FIT for CARE and of the World Transplant Games to be held in Malaga in 2017.

By JP Leiva

FIT FOR CARE introduces you to PABLO RAEZ MARTINEZ, Ambassador of FIT FOR CARE and the World Transplant Games which will be held in Málaga in 2017.

Pablo (19 years old) has experienced some great sporting achievements since childhood and has become a promising prospect after venturing into Crossfit. Nevertheless, life can also present other challenges and surprises.   A few weeks ago, Pablo celebrated his discharge from hospital after a lengthy stay, which was necessary to carry out a successful bone marrow transplant. This closed a chapter of his life that has helped him to stand in a rich new perspective as both an athlete and human being.

Samuel Gallego, Fittest man in Spain 2015 by CrossFit, Ambassador of FIT for CARE, wellcoming Pablo Ráez as Ambassador in the FIT for CARE

We wanted to meet Pablo and talk openly with him about different topics and to also make a proposal:

F.F.C: Tell us about your sports experience prior to Crossfit.

PABLO: I have been passionate about sports since childhood. I was always restless, but supported by my family, I have practiced karate, football, skating, and basketball which I combined with the karate but I was too short at 1.78m to be a basketball player. I had a good performance but had to retire due to a knee injury. After retiring from basketball, I started water-polo at the age of 16 which has been the hardest training that I have experienced so far.

F.F.C: How have you managed to combine your studies and sports during all this time?

PABLO: I confess that I have not always been a good student! But on the other hand, training (especially water-polo) has helped to discipline me. I trained Monday to Sunday, resting on Wednesdays.

F.F.C: How did you first come across Crossfit?

PABLO: My father introduced me to Crossfit at a Box that had recently opened in Marbella. I loved it from the very first moment and my performance was good enough that after only a month and a half my coach asked me to go to Granada to compete. I finished in 19th position out of 100 participants.

F.F.C: Has all this sport experience influenced any of your educational plans?

PABLO: Yes, at present I am enrolled in TECO (training to be a professional guide in physical activities in the outdoors) at the MEDAC school. My journey through Crossfit and my interest in bodybuilding have helped me focus on information related to nutrition, sports science and also the administrative aspects of sports management.

F.F.C: Without doubt, your coaches have all been an influence. Can you explain in which way?

PABLO: When I was younger, especially in basketball, I continually pushed myself to prove to my coach that I was worth a place on the team. In Crossfit I have had different experiences and have found aspects that I had not previously contemplated in my sports development .

F.F.C.: After your illness and a successful organ transplant , what do you expect from your coach?

PABLO:   I would expect my coach to know my limitations within my circumstances. When you go to a Box they don´t always identify your limitations. As leaders, coaches are important. In cases of people with certain limitations I think it would be better for us all to train together as a group with the coach focusing on us as a group. We cannot train with the rest of the class as it wouldn´t be possible for the coach to give us the attention needed. I would also hope that my coach could adapt the training to my needs.

F.F.C.: We have proposed that you also become part of the team as Ambassador for FIT FOR CARE and you have accepted wholeheartedly. Why?

PABLO: Because FIT FOR CARE benefits society. It is able to focus on a particular group with a special need that I understand very well. I believe that I can motivate and inspire others. Together we can improve this world.

F.F.C.: In which competition will you be participating at the World Transplant Games?

PABLO: I want to compete in the 100 metres although there is a broad range of possibilities.

F.F.C.: Thank you so much for your time Pablo and especially for joining the efforts of FIT FOR CARE as Ambassador. We are sure that you already inspire many people to make the best of themselves and not only in sports. In addition we will be there to celebrate with you the 100 metres and any other event you may compete in at the World Transplant Games in Málaga 2017.

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