FIT for CARE celebrate their anniversary with the handing over of their donations and an exhibition WOD prepared by Alpha Athletes Performance.

On the 23rd January, FIT for CARE celebrated their first anniversary at Athletes Fuengirola and handed over their donations raised in 2015 to the Cudeca Foundation, Cancer Care of Malaga, Spain; Foundation Albergue San Gabriel de San Jose, Costa Rica, and Hospital Divina Providencia de San Salvador, El Salvador.

Present at the event on behalf of FIT for CARE were, Juan Pablo Leiva, President; Esteban Fontclara, Vice President; Dieter Beckx, Director of Communication; Martín Ajaots, Treasurer; Fernando Martínez, FIT for CARE league; Miguel Granda, CrossFit Fuengirola and on behalf of the Cudeca Foundation, Marisa Martín, Manager and Medical Director and Ángel Krebbers, responsible for Communication. A video message from Hospital Divina Providencia in El Salvador has been published on FIT for CARE’s social media.

The President of FIT for CARE, Juan Pablo Leiva, presented an annual report of 2015. He then handed over to the Treasurer, Martín Ajaots of CrossFit Alhaurín, to present the accounts. In total, 5,000 euros was collected for palliative care, of which one third of the total will be transferred to each of the centres.

Following that, a cheque of 1,666 euros was handed over to Marisa Martín, Manager of the Cudeca Foundation who thanked all those involved for their effort and support and stressed the importance of awareness among the athletes who practice CrossFit, about palliative care and about raising funds through charity WOD’s.

Likewise, an exhibition WOD prepared by Ismael Montalbán of Alpha Athletics Performance was held. Prominent athletes like Bryan Hernández, José Luis López Insua, Juan Carlos Lara, Dani Lomena, Tomás Ponce, Javier López, Joseph O’Regan and Marthe Isaksen sweated to near exhaustion to give us an example of how the sport supports palliative care. Samuel Gallego, Ambassador of FIT for CARE and named the Fittest Man in Spain 2015 by CrossFit, and Javier Gonzalez, another prominent athlete of the sport from Malaga were present during all of the event. The athletes wore t-shirts especially designed for the occasion, courtesy of BanBroken.


De izquierda a derecha: Juan Carlos Lara (CrossFit XXX), Javier López (CrossFit Ál-Andalus), Bryan Hernández (Alpha Athletics Performance) , Tomás Ponce (CrossFit Teatinos), Daniel Lomeña (Coliseum), José Luis López Insúa (Alpha Athletics Performance), Marthe Isaksen (CrossFit Fuengirola), Ismael Montalbán (Alpha Athletics Performance), Joseph O´regan (Coliseum).

To finish, recognition and thanks was given to clubs, friends and businesses that have supported the initiative during 2015.   A speech was given about the FIT for CARE Affiliate League 2016 which is already present in Sevilla, Madrid, Mallorca and Galicia. Navarra and Zaragoza are still to be confirmed. It was also mentioned that the Championships “Huelva Challenger”, “Andalusí Challenger” and “Donosti Fit Race” will also be supporting FIT for CARE this year.

There is no doubt that athletes who are passionate about CrossFit are committed to supporting palliative care as a human right under the premise that “end-of-life care is an everybody´s responsibility”.

FIT for CARE is a private non-profit association which aims to raise funds for the benefit of centres dedicated exclusively to palliative care. The beneficiaries are La Fundacion Albergue San Gabriel de San Jose, Costa Rica; Hospital Divina Providencia de San Salvador, El Salvador and the Cudeca Foundation, Benalmadena, Spain. FIT for CARE also makes an effort to educate the sports community about what palliative care is and how teams who provide this care are made, and how to access those services if necessary.

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