CrossFit & Palliative Care. How arose that exceptional idea?

April 20, 2015

by JP Leiva.

An interview with Victor Pablo, who is a fireman, crossfitter and who has a story to share us about palliative care.

1.    How and when reached the sport and the crossfit to your life?

During my childhood with martial arts taekwondo, playing tennis and doing track and field, until in 2011 one of my female friend motivated me to do crossfit. Doing crossfit I found similar elements between crossfit and my own training in track and field. In the same year that I began crossfit I parti

cipated in the first Crossfit-Reebook championship that take place in Madrid; I was one of the 30 finalist in that national event. In 2013 I joined to Crossfit Fuengirola that had been inaugurated a little time ago.

2.    What is the most meaningful to you for involved to training crossfit?

“The synergism that the training produce with my job” Victor is a fireman since 2010. The crossfit helps him in his physical and mental preparation, that is so required in his job. In this way he integrates the crossfit in his sports world. In addition to this he emphasizes that crossfit is more than a good way to get a physical performance and at the same time is attractive for its social dimension, the family spirit, explaining that the workout invites to complete with himself to overcome every day.


3.    Crossfit is popular for to be a “hard training” even for the people who have not the opportunity to practice it.   What would you recommend to them?

“In crossfit I have met the pain in a healthy way and gentle way”. The sport is like the life, it produces big joys and at the same time requires big efforts; the pain is inevitable but is wonderful when the pain drive us to greats satisfactions.

4.    The crossfit, such as a high intensity sport, that demand a big physical and psychological effort, which is the hardest for you?

Without a doubt is the psychological effort.   When my father was diagnosticate with gastric cancer 10 years ago up to that time his sporting life had been minimal, because of his job responsibilities, but in the moment of his diagnosis my father decided to begin a sporting life even though the cancer had spread to his bones, he walked 10 km every day, he trained in the park every day with the gym machines, and over the ten year during the checkups with the oncologist, the doctor used to said many admiration an surprising expressions about my father´s health. During these years my family and I realized that his survival was because of the sport.  The sport in my father´s life had been the best medicine, I would say that the sport had an spirit dimension it motivated his well-being. I must to explain that when I said: “spirit dimension” I was not talking about religion.

5.    In which way the experience of your father inspire you to work in the project Fit For Care?

I see this project as a way to canalize my own strong produced during my workouts, for help to minimize the pain in terminal patients.   My father received Palliative cares at our home, a doctor who works for the CUDECA Foundation (a Spanish acronymous that mean Palliative Center Care) visited us during the week that the health of my father was every time weaker, his mental functions were already altered, it looked as the end was soon. We had begun to fell fear at home, because we could not care of him. We received personal and telephonically instructions about the care of my father. Even though was necessary to hospitalized him in the foundation CUDECA where he recived the best cares. Although we saw the eminent, he felt peaceful without pain and that comfort us. We realized that we had acted in a right way, when we carried him to the Foundation CUDECA where the professionals who took care on my father they did their best effort.

In relation to this project, I have the sensation that all had been guided in order to I participate in this. The doctor who visited us at home when the health of my father was deteriorating while he examined him told me: “come on the crossfit will help us to move him” in the moment that he auscultated my father, that was because the doctor also do crossfit and recognized me for the T-shirt that I wore that day.

6.    What is your favorite element in the Crossfit workout?

The presence of gymnastics elements that you do not find easily in another disciplines.

7.    Do you workout crossfit more than one WOD per day?

I often workout crossfit at the morning and at the afternoon.

8.    What is your favorite and your least favorite exercise in Crossfit?

My favorite is the hand-stand push up (HSPU), and my least favorite are the double unders.

9.    Do you workout only Crossfit or workout other disciplines?

I try to complete Crossfit with analytic work, even this been criticized by Crossfit, I do it because there are some aspects that with Crossfit does not work, unbalancing muscular groups that can become in potential injuries. Example: Workout the quadriceps extensor to give stability to the knee and avoid injuries, analytic exercises of rotation of the upper-body.

10. What would you recommend to someone who wants to initiate in Crossfit?

Especially, I Think in a previous sporting experience is so important. The matter is if you don’t have it, is that the motivation can be big, and feel anxious to do all the exercises that can do with the permit capacity, producing an early fatigue and frustration, in addition to that the person can not be critic and see in his coach a word written in a rock, in the other hand who has a sporty experience can be critical with his own limits and can adopted to the new workout in a better way.

11. How do you encourage to others athletes and the general public to participate and support the Fit for Care project?

To support Fit for Care is an excellent way to stimulate our effort and this pain that we feel, doing our personal best , getting the best time or making repetitions, becoming it in a benefit for the people who are suffering an illness, for pain of lonely, and our effort has a purpose, a new meaning.

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